We can help you get to grips with your finances through one-to-one support and practical steps - so payday doesn't always seem so far away! 

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Mind Your Money is a Lottery funded service helping social housing tenants in Manchester get to grips with their money.

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Energy prices have been rising and rising and utility bills now take up a big chunk of household budgets, so it makes sense to check whether you could save money on your energy bills.

'I’d taken too much on and didn’t think about the future'

Roy got signed off work after an accident and had to leave work. He was quite confident with looking after his finances but the change in his circumstances made things very difficult.

'I was trying my best but I was struggling...'

Gordon was almost a year into his new tenancy. His benefits had been changing and his bills weren't making sense. Things had started mounting up and it was all feeling a bit much.