Your utility bills can eat up a huge chunk of money each month so it makes sense to make sure that you’re not paying more than you need to for  gas, electricity and water.

There are lots of comparison sites out there where you can compare prices and shop around.  Even if you are on a prepayment meter there are sometimes things you can do to change provider.  

The links below are some comparison sites you can use to look at different options for utility providers:


Go Compare

Which? Switch


Compare the Market

Simply Switch

There is also lots of information and a 'cheap energy club' on the Money Saving Expert site

Depending on the size of your house and how many people you live in it, you could also consider a water meter.  Check if you can save money using a water meter calculator.

Little Savings Add Up

There are also lots of simple tips to help you make sure you’re not wasting energy or water and not using more than you need to, and some useful gadgets too – some of which you can get for free from your providers. 

Here are a few simple examples of how taking little steps can save you quite a lot per year:

(These examples are assuming average cost of electricity is 14p per kwh)

For a family of 3 (e.g. this could be a single parent with two children, or a couple with one child)

Electric Power Shower- 10 minute shower = 23p

(assuming everyone has a shower once a day)
= £4.83pw

If they reduce shower times to 7 minutes = 16p
= £3.36pw

SAVING OF £1.47pw


Tumble dryer- 1 hour = 35p

(assuming 4 loads get dried a week) = £1.40pw

If they dried all their clothes for the week on the line or on drying rack- in a well ventilated room (not on hot radiators as it can cause excess condensation and black mould in house) - FREE


Boiling Kettle (Full) = 1.4p

(assuming kettle is boiled 5 times a day) = 49p pw

If kettle is only filled enough for one cup each time it is used - 10.5p per week

SAVING OF 39p pw

 Total weekly saving = £3.26
(£169.55 per year)

Whilst these little changes don't add up to an awful lot per week, they add up to almost £170 in a year, and these are only a few examples - you could save money elsewhere too and save even more.

Have a look at what energy saving gadgets you can get for free via the link below and check out some more energy saving tips.