Super Savvy Spending Diary

We are really pleased to be able to offer this resource FREE to anyone that might find it useful
We have come up with a fun way to encourage people to keep track of their spending by using our Super Savvy Spending Diary. As well as being a really handy tool to keep track of spending the diary invites people to take part in our challenge to spend less using helpful hints and tips.
The main aim is to get people to log down everything they spend including the odd coffee or can of drink as it can all add up. When we talk to people about their budgeting they often comment that they don't know where all their money goes - hopefully now they will!
We start with week 1 where people get into the habit of recording everything they spend
Week 2 -4 gives helpful tips and information on how to make savings against week 1
At the end of the diary all the weekly savings are added up which we hope will give people a nice surprise.
We have made it fun in order to encourage people to take part in what can be quite a serious subject but we really feel EVERYBODY would benefit from giving it a go
So why delay, start today download your Super Savvy Spending diary .




Brilliant Budget Buster

We have also produced a follow on resource our 'Brilliant Budget Buster'. Once people have their spending under control using the diary our budgeting booklet will help keep control of monthly income and outgoings to ensure they make it through to the end of the month! It has a step by step guide on how to work out income and outgoings in a way that suits. For most people this will be monthly so we will guide the user through changing weekly, Fortnightly, Quarterly or yearly amounts into Monthly amounts.