Today, we meet Gordon. Gordon met Mind Your Money through his local job club. Here, he tells us his story.

"I’d moved to a new flat after 49 years in my old one, I’m nearly a year into my tenancy. We’ve all got bills obviously; I’d been trying his best to keep up with my bills and benefits and all the changes but I’d started falling behind. Some things with my bills weren’t right and my benefits were changing.

"I was trying my best but I was struggling. I was at my local job club and Trish came along to see if anyone needed help. I contacted her, and we’ve had a couple of meetings. There’s been things I didn’t realise, and she could help me deal with things better than I could on my own. She’s helped me get in touch with people and put them in the picture. She’s helped me with my utilities – gas, water and electric. She helped me reclaim my benefits, and see if there were any ways of saving money.

"It was stressful, I was getting very stressed with it, but it’s cleared my mind and makes me feel a bit more relaxed. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

"I feel more in control now, I’ll hopefully carry it on. If something came up in the future I would know how to deal with it better and be more confident, it’s given me an idea how to handle the situation. I’ve got my paperwork and I know how to get in touch with people.

"Have I learned any lessons? Yeah! Yeah sometimes you might jump the gun – check your paperwork and read small print – if you don’t read it you could be in the wrong or miss something.

"Overall I’m quite pleased, Trish has been great, really helpful."

AuthorKate Every