We say it a lot – we really recommend getting online to save money. We recommend a lot of online services such as price comparison websites, energy switching, information sites like Money Saving Expert and more.

But, there are also loads of other things online that can save you money too! We really like to read money saving blogs – where people write about money saving in their day to day lives and share their tips, tricks, and information. There are some really nice bloggers out there who write some great stuff. We like seeing everyday people writing about everyday things – it’s nice to hear from people in similar situations to us and see people practicing what they preach. Sometimes when you’re trying to cut back and save money, it can feel like there’s no fun – these blogs prove otherwise!

There are dozens of money saving blogs out there; you won’t go short of reading. Below are a few of our favourites. Have a look at:


Skint Dad - http://skintdad.co.uk/

Ricky from Skint Dad writes about saving money with a family – ‘spending less, without living without’. He writes about saving money off a household budget but still having fun with the family – making their money go further. He has some great budget recipes and we love his tips on ‘fakeaways’.

Best bits: recipes, especially the fakeaways


A Thrifty Mrs - http://www.athriftymrs.com/

Mrs Thrifty writes about her pursuit of great deals and has a ton of great articles about fashion and beauty on a budget, and household money saving. She is very down to earth and we love her deal-spotting. She even has a canny use for those bags that oranges and lemons come in which must deserve a prize!

Best for: budget housekeeping and budget beauty


Other money saving blogs we like:

Savvy Annie - http://www.savvyannie.co.uk/

Best for: Annie writes great reviews of shops, offers and products.


Miss Thrifty - http://www.miss-thrifty.co.uk/

Best for: Thrifty family tips


The Money Principle - http://www.themoneyprinciple.co.uk/

Best for: personal finance information. It’s good for those serious money questions.


Thrifty Magpie’s Nest - http://www.thethriftymagpiesnest.co.uk/

Best for: Wildlife Wednesdays – it’s not about money but it’s always cute!


Have a read of some and see what you think. Also, if you think of any we’ve missed out that you really like – let us know!


Other ways of saving money online


It’s an online network of groups where people post details of things they are getting rid of, for free. People can also post if they are looking for things. You search for a local group, join, and keep an eye out. You need to sign up to post but it’s basic information like your name, area,  and email address.


Similar to Freecycle, Freegle set up groups where people can post stuff they are looking to get rid of or get hold of. You search to find your local group, join, and look!

Facebook local ‘Buy and Sell’ groups – these are basically a version of freecycle but on facebook. People post things that they are selling or giving away. ‘Rules’ vary from group to group so do read them when you sign up. All you need is a facebook account. You just take part using your Facebook login and join them like any other group. If you do, make sure you know what your facebook privacy settings are so that you are not sharing information you’re not happy to share.

Kate from MYM is a fan has had some amazing goodies from her local group and gave away crockery and her old washing machine to someone setting up their first home.



With all of these groups, when you get hold of something, make sure you think of transport – depending on what you get hold of, you might need a man and a van, or a friend with a car. Get some quotes for it before you work out if something’s a bargain or not!


Stay Safe Online

With everything on the internet, we do have to say: remember to stay safe online. Do not ever give your bank details out, or personal information. Be careful about posting your address publicly. There are lots of scams in various sorts, so stay savvy. For more information have a look at information from:

Trading standards e-crime: http://www.tradingstandardsecrime.org.uk/

Money saving expert: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/stop-scams

Or Greater Manchester Police: http://www.gmp.police.uk/content/section.html?readform&s=60E6B46968021BB380257C08002B32CB

AuthorKate Every