Roy got signed off work after an accident and had to leave work. He was quite confident with looking after his finances but the change in his circumstances made things very difficult.

"I had to give up my job. Then I found out I’d taken too much on and didn’t think about the future. When I was working I was living to what I could afford, then when you’re not working you have to live to different means.

"What led me to seeing Trish? Debtors. Sorting out debts. They chased me. I mean I knew they were there too. It is hard when you’ve got debts, you can only pay so much to different ones, you cant pay them off cos you wouldn’t have enough to live on

"Was it hard to start talking about money? No, not really - I can talk to anyone. If you’ve got problems you need to come out and say it, it’s no good sitting in the corner.

"Now I’m more or less on top of things and know how to avoid problems in the future. I know to work out my money so that it lasts me and know to cut down on things.

"What advice would I give someone? Go get help. When people have debts they get stressed out. They start panicking. You get threatening letters, depending on who you get the debt off. Some people can cause problems at your home if you borrow from the wrong people, heavy people and all this. Go somewhere you can get help."

AuthorKate Every